10 Must-Have Apps for Busy Parents

By: ChildcareBlog

parentsapp.jpgAs you know, Childcare Network is "the working parent's best friend." So, we're giving you some of the best phone apps for the working parent... because that's what friends do. Here are 10 iPhone/Android apps we have come across that are designed to help busy parents. Some you may have heard of and some will blow your mind!

artkive.jpgArtkive - Save Kid's Art (FREE): This app allows you to take photos of all your children's artwork and store them on your phone. You may be thinking, "well I can do that without the app?" True. But can you print a hard-cover book of all of your kids artwork at the touch of a button? Probably not. This way you don't have to feel guilty for throwing away artwork that has taken up space in your house.

keyring.jpgKey Ring (FREE): Stop carrying all of those plastic loyalty cards, gift cards, or coupons in your purse or wallet! This app holds all of those barcodes on your phone so you never have to worry about losing them, leaving them at home, or trying to remember which phone number is listed on the rewards account..(been there). And it's incredibly easy to add your cards, just take a photo of the barcode and it will upload all of the info for you.

monitor.jpgCloud Baby Monitor ($3.99 iPHONE ONLY): Turn your iPhone into a baby monitor and have eyes from anywhere! Use this app on one device (laptop, iPad, iPhone) to place in the nursery and use another device (laptop, iPad, iPhone) to connect and watch from anywhere. Since this is pretty high-tech, you will want to make sure you have the latest system upgrades on your devices.

sitsquat.jpgSitOrSquat (FREE): This app is sponsored by Charmin and tells you where to find the closest CLEAN bathrooms in your surrounding area. Simply indicate where you are and a map will show up of bathrooms that are either highlighted green for "sit" or highlighted red for "squat."

venmo.jpgVenmo (FREE): If you're the type of person who NEVER has cash on them, this app is for you. I can't tell you how many times I'm out to dinner or lunch with a group of people and I'm always the one who has to throw in a card to split the bill. Venmo is a way to send money to people through your phone - just add the card or account to withdraw from, indicate the amount, hit send and it will directly wire the money to another person's account. Of course, it only works if the person on the receiving end has the venmo app as well.

gorilla.jpgAnimal Phone (FREE): Oh no, a temper tantrum...Quick - think of something fast! If you have the Animal Phone App, your kids can talk to their very own animal who responds back to them - genius idea! The gorilla is free with the download but you can add the zebra and kangaroo for an extra price.

camme.jpgCamMe Selfie (FREE): This is the best NEW way to take selfies. It is perfect for when you want to get in on a picture with your family but you don't want an awkward angle with your arm in the shot, or setting a timer and running to get into the frame. You simply set the camera at a good angle, step into position, use your hand to motion a countdown and snap - you're done! The camera will see your hand and begin a countdown when you make a fist in the air. This is much easier and it will make you look super tech-friendly with your friends and family!

ringya.jpgRingYa (FREE): This is best used for those who have parent contact lists for each child's sport, club, carpool. There's no way you're going to enter each one into your phone contacts and probably don't want to carry the paper around with you everywhere you go. This app allows you to take a picture of the contact list with phone numbers and emails and automatically saves it to your phone. You can easily converse with other parents who have the app and send out group texts.

disney.jpgDisney World Wait Times (FREE): This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you're planning a trip to Disney World in the near future, you need to download this app to monitor the wait times for each ride in the park. You can also learn more details about each ride such as a child's height requirement.

kicksend.jpgKicksend (FREE): Have a million photos on your phone and no idea what do with them? They're just sitting there taking up space and when you finally take the time to upload the photos to your computer, they will more than likely just sit there. Well with this app, you can easily print your photos to print locations near you, like CVS or Walgreens, or you can order them to be printed and delivered to your house - too easy.

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