15 Amazing Ways Kids Can Help on Thanksgiving

By: Nicole Wheeler

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Oh yes, Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and some of us are already getting anxious - But not to worry! We have come up with some great ideas to get kids to help during this holiday season! This is great for them too because it teaches them responsibility and they love to be involved.


15 Amazing Ways Kids Can Help on Thanksgiving:

  1. Come up with the Menu for the evening. What does everyone like and what new things is everyone willing to try?How_to_Make_a_Thankful_Tree
  2. Write down shopping list (if old enough) and help shop together
  3. Design a fun table centerpiece - Thankful Tree
  4. Set the Table and bring food items from the kitchen. They can also fold napkins and place silverware in the correct positions.
  5. Clean the house - putting away toys, sweep floor.
  6. Empty the dishwasher the day before.
  7. CardsDecorate Seating Cards - Fingerprint Turkey Seating Cards
  8. Prep for Cooking - little ones can wash vegetables or mash potatoes.
  9. Clean while you cook - put someone in charge of cleaning dishes when you are done cooking with them.
  10. Welcome Guests - Teach your child how to answer the door for friends and family and where to bring them in the house. You can also put them in charge of taking coats and umbrellas into a separate room.
  11. Play Hostess! - How many times are you stuck in the kitchen and you can't talk to your guests or even ask what they would like to drink/eat? Try asking your little ones if they want to play "hostess." They can be in charge of talking to family members, passing around appetizers and writing down drink/snack orders to bring to you. They will love playing the game and it will save you the trips of going in and out of the kitchen!
  12. Take Pictures - Have your kids play photographer and get pictures with everyone in them throughout the evening. It will be so fun to look over them later!
  13. Have pets? You can have one of your kids be in charge of feeding the pets and letting them in/out to go to the bathroom.
  14. Clean up - Bring plates from table to sink. Bring out dessert plates at this time too.
  15. Say Goodbye - When it's time for everyone to leave, have your kids go get the coats and umbrellas and send everyone home!

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