5 Thanksgiving Crafts From The Heart

By: Angelina Petano

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and with it come expressions of love, giving, and appreciation for the people who make life great. This is also a great time for Random-Acts-of Kindness to family, friends, and even complete strangers. Everyone could use a little holiday warmth. Whether it be Grandma or the mail courier, these simple and sweet crafts will allow your child to express the spirit of the season with a creative flair.

Thanksgiving crafts from the heart

All of the materials for these projects are either already conveniently located in your home or at your local dollar store.


Hand Print Oven Mitts


Ovenmitt handprint Photo Credit: Pinterest

These oven mitts are sure to melt the hearts of any cook this Thanksgiving season. Grab some watercolor paint or your leftover acrylic paint. Add two little hand prints to each oven mitt, the year, their name, and a simple message.

Making it for Thanksgiving? Paint each finger a different color and the thumb and palm brown to make a cute turkey with your child's hand. Then, paint the message Thanksgiving 2013. Let your child admire their work as it dries and then proudly give it to that lucky someone special.


Turkey Goodie Bag


Thanksgiving craft Turkey goodie bag Photo Credit: smartpoodlepublishing

A turkey bag full of sweet treats will be taken very kindly by anyone. Depending on the age of your child, there are two different ways you can make this, but the first steps for both are to: Fill a brown paper bag with mints, candy corn, tea bags, gift cards, gum, and various other trinkets. The younger children can color a paper plate in various colors and glue (as feathers), to the filled brown bag. Make sure the colored side is facing front. Older children that can use scissors, can cut out various colors of construction paper in the shape of turkey feathers. For both bags, fold down the top and cut out a light bulb shaped head, a beak, and a gobble with construction paper. Add some googly eyes and a “Happy Thanksgiving”, sign your turkey and you're ready to “gobble” right in to someones heart.

Frame of Thanks


Thanksgiving craft give thanks frame Photo Credit: simplykierste.com

Kind words of thanks help to keep up the spirit of the holidays. Grab a frame from the dollar store and let your child paint it a fall color. Then place card stock with the words “Give Thanks:” behind the glass. Put the frame and a sharpie in the kitchen or living room and let everyone write words of thanks to each other. Help your child write the first message.

This is a gift that keeps on giving as the card stock can be changed for different holidays or just because.

Turkey Cookies


Thanksgiving Craft Turkey Cookie Photo Credit: Pinterest

These turkey cookies add a sweet taste to the season. Double the size of one of our yummy fall cookie recipes and put several aside for this easy craft. Help your child cut out several feather shaped pieces of construction paper and a turkey head, beak, and gobbler. Either add googly eyes or a couple of dots. Write a message on each feather as you glue the pieces to a saran wrapped cookie.


Turkey Hugs

Thanksgiving Craft Turkey Hug

A hug and a message of love is one of the most effective ways to warm a heart. Cut out a medium sized circle, small light bulb shaped head and beak from construction paper. Have your child trace and cut out their hands on white printer paper. Arrange them on the brown body as “hand feathers”. Add a treat or let the the message be all the sweetness the recipient needs.

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