52 Thoughts that Run Through Every Mom's Head

By: Symone Grady
Let's admit it, no one's perfect and we want our parents to remember that everyone deserves to relax once in a while. For all of those mom's out there who need a good laugh - let us know if you can relate to any of these by commenting below!
1. Aw, I can't wait to see little man's face, I missed him today.
2. I'm just going to sit here for a minute and check my Facebook before I go in.
3. Aw, Julie got engaged.
4. On the beach.
5. In her bikini.
6. I wish I looked like that in a bikini.
7. I need to eat healthier. I'll start tonight.
8. I have chicken thawed out.
9. Pinterest search...."healthy chicken recipes"
10. Mmmmmm....I'm so hungry!
11 Chicken with mango salsa and avocados.
12. Do people really have avocados and mangoes just sitting around?
13. Ethan would never eat avocado.
14. Does anyone actually make these meals?
15. Nothing that I make looks like this.
16. I could always swing by the store on the way home.
17. Ugh, I should have stopped there BEFORE coming here.
18. ... I wonder if anyone would notice if I left.
19. How long have I been sitting here?
20. I wonder if anyone liked the picture of Ethan sleeping last night on my Instagram.
21. 3 likes? Really? 5 sleepless nights taking away his pacifier and I get 3 likes?
22. I should have used more hashtags. #momlife #happymommy
23. I hope he sleeps through the night tonight.
24. Ooohh Mandy's new baby is so cute. I have to call her.
25. What time is it?
26. Is that woman picking up her child in pajamas?
27. Aw Disney Frozen pajamas.
28. Ethan loves Frozen.
29. "Let it go, Let it Go, Can't hold it back anymore...Let it go, Let it go...."
30. Wait! What am I doing. Ahhh that song will be stuck in my head the rest of the night.
31 . We must have watched that movie 20 times in one week.
32. "Turn away and slam the door!"
33. Aaahhh stop!
34. Okay, deep breath.
35. Please let today have been a good day with the new classroom teacher.
36. That was today right?
37. Or is that tomorrow?
38. Oh, today is cotton candy day!
39. Yes, I love cotton candy.
40. Definitely eating half.
41. I hope he hasn't eaten it all.
42. He has been hungry lately.
43. I'm hungry.
44. Did I eat lunch?
45. Wait, do I have a snack.
46. What if he wants a snack.
47. Is anyone else waiting in their car?
48. Nope. Just me.
49. I'm a good mom right?
50. I really do miss him.
51. Oh I love this song.
52. Okay at the end of this song, I'm going in.

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