8 Simple Family New Year Resolutions

By: Nicole Wheeler

The New Year is a fun and refreshing celebration for everyone. Whether you aim high or low, we all try to set resolutions to have a better year than the last. Sometimes attaining goals can be easier when you do it with new_years_familyothers - this is why we've come up with 8 New Year Resolutions for the whole family! Choose one or try them all - either way we hope you have an amazing year ahead!


1. Read More - everyone in the family should choose anywhere from 4 - 10 books to read in the year 2015. Or even try a family book club! One person in the family can choose the book each month and at the end of the month, you can all talk about it. What was your favorite part and least favorite part? If you could rewrite the ending, would you change it? Was there anything you learned from this book that you didn't know before?

2. Healthy Eating: Add at least one fresh fruit or vegetable snack to your daily routine.

3. Set up a System for more chores - Each person in the family can help out! Create a "Chore Board" and create goals - If everyone does their chores for the week, we will go to the movies this weekend or go out for ice cream, etc. Here is a Chore Chart to help you get started.

4. Cut out time on electronics - This is not just for the kids, but everyone! Start out by cutting 1 hour a week of electronics. Try playing a board game or go for a family bike ride or walk instead.

5. Exercise Goals: Pick a fun run/walk or 5K a few months away, sign up, train as a family and participate in it together.

6. Going Green - Everyone knows that they may not have the option to recycle in their neighborhood. But there are many other options to "go Green" in 2015!

  • Go out and buy reusable grocery bags to cut back on plastic bags in your house.
  • Does your family go through a million plastic water bottles? Go out and buy a water filter pitcher to keep in your refrigerator and teach everyone in the family to be responsible to keeping it filled! You can find them anywhere, including at Walmart from $10 - $30.
  • Make recycling a fun craft for the kids! Here is a list of fun ideas we found on Pinterest: Recycled Crafts

7. Save Money - Does everyone in your family have a "piggy bank" of some sort? If not, go and pick one out for each family member. Teach your children the values of having a piggy bank (savings) and try having them set a goal to reach to buy a toy they want. After they save enough money, they may decide to keep saving for an even bigger item!

8. Explore New Recipes: Each week, try a new recipe together. This will help you expand your families tastes and encourage cooking more meals rather than going out to eat.

Planning on spending New Year's Eve as a family? Head here for some fun ideas that everyone will enjoy!


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