Bathtub Party Day!

By: Kate Quattlebaum


Due to time crunches, we don’t always have time to relax in a bath. We hurry through a shower without really enjoying the process, just in a hurry to get to work or your next task.

Bathtubs have been around for a long time, the earliest found bathtub was found in 1700 BCE in Crete. However, the bathtub as we know it was invented in 1828. There are several different kinds such as built-in, sunken or free-standing.

Today was created to encourage you to skip your regular shower, take a little me-time, and relax with a soothing bath. So grab your favorite book (or toy), some bubble bath, and get ready for relaxation! If you have a hot tub or a friend does, you could really have a “party” by taking a dip with some friends!

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