Bird Feeder Crafts for Kids this Spring

By: Symone Grady

Connect your child with nature this Spring by making one or more of these bird feeders with items you probably already have around the house. This could also be used as a learning activity! While making these bird feeders, talk to your child about why birds migrate. Spring is the perfect time to hang bird feeders as birds are traveling back to warm atmospheres. 


Love-Nature-Cereal-Bird-Feeders-683x1024.jpgFood is Love - Hearts Feeder         
Pipe cleaners and ring cereal are all you need for this q
uick bird feeder project easy enough for two year olds. Little hands can string cereal onto pipe cleaner stems, then twist the ends together and form a shape. Connect together with ribbon or string if desired and hang on a tree in your yard for the birds to enjoy!






Bagel Bites FeederBagel feeder supplies

Use leftover bagels as a tasty snack for all that tweets.You only need the bagel, peanut butter, birdseed and some type of string for this simple feeder. Add a string or ribbon through the center of the bagel and tie it tightly. Let your child use a plastic knife or butter knife to spread peanut butter so that it covers the entire outside of the bagel. Next let your child roll the bagel in birdseed. Tie this bird feeder on to your favorite tree. Great for ages three and up.



Recycled Bottle Feederbackyard-bird-feeder-spring-craft-photo-420-FF0507EFDA01-300x300

Instead of tossing those old spoons, put them to good use as a bird perch. Create a homemade bird feeder with two wooden spoons and an individual sized plastic bottle.

Cut or punch four holes in the bottle using a craft knife or drill (adults should do this part while kids watch).

Decorate the bottle and wooden spoons anyway you like. Use paint pens, paint or markers. Only decorate small sections of the water bottle so you’ll be able to see when the bird seed is low inside.Insert the spoon handles into the holes on the bottle.

Remove the bottle lid and fill the bird feeder with bird seed. Replace the lid.

Tie string, wire or twist ties around the top of the bottle to create a strong hanger for your feeder.

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