Celebrate Adoption Day!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

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Today, adoption is commonplace. About 135,000 children are adopted in America every year and one out of every 25 U.S. families with children have an adopted child.

Movements like feminism, Civil Rights, and LGBT equality have transformed ideas about who can and should adopt. Adoption continues to be a more widely accepted and better understood way of creating a family.

For many years, adoption was only for babies and only by married couples who could not produce children biologically. But in the last 40 years, adoption has radically changed. People shouldn’t be afraid to see if they qualify — especially if they’re willing to think about adopting a child in foster care.

Adoption is about finding a home where the child can be safe and nurtured. 81.5 million Americans have considered adoption. If 1 in 500 of these adults adopted, every child in foster care would have a permanent family. They say there’s a place for everyone. If you have the courage to embrace the unknown, that place for one lucky child could be with you.

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