Childcare Network Director, Donna Moody joining 16th Lifetouch Memory Mission!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

296_directorWe are so excited to announce that Childcare Network director, Donna Moody from school #192 in Conway, AR was drawn to join the 16th Lifetouch Memory Mission to assist with disaster cleanup in Juncos, Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria.

Donna will be joining 45 other educators from across North American to offer assistance to the students and families of the Colegio Bautista community. Colegio Bautista is a school home to 120 students, kindergarten to 9th grade.

A Lifetouch Representative confirmed the school was ravaged by the storm with standing water in the classrooms, sections of roof completely gone, broken windows, and tangled electrical wires. The small playground and trampoline were turned upside as well. In addition to helping repair and rebuild, the group will also assist in organizing a school picture day for the students.

Donna is excited to go and be a part of the "global education community," and to impact the lives of children "not under her care every day." Moody stated that, "My goal is to go down because I know schools help bring parents, families, and communities back together and I want to be a part of something to bring that back."