Childcare Network February Literacy Spotlight Activities!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

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Each month, two books are selected for our Childcare Network classrooms with the goal of promoting literacy and character development in conjunction with our HighReach Learning Curriculum. In this blog post you'll find activities you can do at home with your child!

This month, our Infant through 2 Year Olds classrooms are reading Snuggle Puppy by Sandra Boynton. There's a super fun movement rhyme you can do with your child at home! It goes like this:

Snuggle puppy, snuggle puppy, turn around,
Snuggle puppy, snuggle puppy, touch the ground,
Snuggle puppy, snuggle puppy, reach up high,
Snuggle puppy, snuggle puppy, touch the sky,
Snuggle puppy, snuggle puppy, bend down low,
Snuggle puppy, snuggle puppy, touch your toes,
Snuggle puppy, snuggle puppy, go to bed,
Snuggle puppy, snuggle puppy, rest your head,
Snuggle puppy, snuggle puppy, turn out the lights,
Snuggle puppy, snuggle puppy, say “good night.”

The 3 Year Olds to School Aged classrooms are reading Words and Your Heart by Kate Jane Neal. For this activity you will need to cut a heart shade out of construction or butcher paper. Place the paper heart in front of your child and now ask them to crumple it up. Now, ask them to smooth the paper heart back out. Encourage your child to think of words that make them feel good and write them on one side of the heart. Then ask them to write down words that make them upset on the other side of the heart. 

After they are done, ask them to explain how the paper heart looks. Explain that even though the heart can be smoothed out, it still looks wrinkled. The same happens with words; even though someone may feel better, hurtful words can stick around and not completely go away. This will help your child learn about the importance of thinking before they speak.

There's more benefits to these activities than just bringing the story to life. Post reading activities are a great way to build reading comprehension skills. We'll see you next month with our March Literacy Spotlight!