Childcare Network January Literacy Spotlight Activities!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

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Each month, two books are selected for our Childcare Network classrooms with the goal of promoting literacy and character development in conjunction with our HighReach Learning Curriculum. In this blog post you'll find activities you can do at home with your child!

This month, our Infant through 2 year olds classrooms are reading The Pout-Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen. Click here to download your own Pout-Pout Fish graphic. Hide this graphic in the desired room and say, "Mr. Fish is hiding in our _____! Do you think you could help me find him? Where do you think he could be?" You can give your child clues to help them find the fish! 

The 3 year old to school aged classrooms are reading I Am Peace by Susan Verde. Click here to download the Guided Medication from the book! Discuss the concept of "mindfulness" with your child and encourage them to try this simple mindfulness practice with you. You could also ask them to create a "personal weather report" that describes how they're feeling. This is a simple way for your child to observe their present state without overly identifying with their emotions. 

There's more benefits to these activities than just bringing the story to life. Post reading activities are a great way to build reading comprehension skills! We'll see you next month with February Literacy Spotlight!