Childcare Network Schools: Quality Driven, Excellence Achieved!

By: Kate Quattlebaum


Quality Driven, Excellence Achieved: What exactly does it mean?

Childcare Network classrooms have “it” –  that energy you can feel when you walk in the door, a tangible feeling of excitement. It’s where children are playing, laughing, testing out new ideas, and problem solving; all engrossed in learning!

Look further. You’ll find it’s not just the children who are engaged, but their teachers and families. They are all part of a culture of learning – we aim for all of our classrooms, across all of our schools, to have this amazing feeling and culture. Of course, our culture is by design, not luck.

How Did We Get There?

Compliance is clear-cut; many states have made great progress in figuring out the standards, accountability, and monitoring. Less defined, however, is how we achieve, maintain, and move beyond compliance and into quality. All of the states we operate in have a unique QRIS -- Quality Rating and Improvement System -- that helps guide our progress from compliance to quality. Along with goals for environments, teacher education, and administrative leadership, state QRIS programs also offer assistance with funding and help inform parent’s choices about enrollment. However, we all see our local QRIS as the gateway for building schools filled with “it” classrooms, happy teachers, excited children, and satisfied parents.

What is a Quality Rating and Improvement System?

A Quality Rating and Improvement Systems (QRIS) is an organized way to assess, improve and communicate the quality of early care and education programs that families consider for their children. A QRIS empowers parents to become savvy consumers who choose high quality for their children; gives policymakers effective tools to improve EC&E quality; gives providers a roadmap to quality improvement; and promotes the health and development of children in early care and education.

At Childcare Network, we are quality driven. This means that we use not only our state QRIS systems, but our own passion and commitment to our children, families, and staff to motivate us towards the highest quality possible. This means that we are continuously improving and striving to raise the bar far beyond any assessment. We won’t stop until excellence is achieved!