Childproofing as Your Child Grows!

By: Kate Quattlebaum
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As your baby grows, so does their ability to access new areas in your home. This is a time for your child to test and expand their boundaries (and your anxiety). The childproofing you did for your baby needs to be taken to a whole new level, literally! Below are four important tips to keep your toddler safe in the home!

  1. Keep Medicine Away and Out of Sight! What used to not be in your child's "line of sight" has now become the star of the show thanks to their talent for climbing or stretching up on those little "tippy-toes." The best thing to do is move all medicines into a cabinet or drawer with a safety lock! Also, make sure the type of locks you are using do not allow room for little hands to fit in and rustle around.
  2. Create a Kitchen Safe-Zone. The kitchen is often the center of family life. The combination of hot items and busy parents can be a recipe for injury with a little one around. Use the back burners of your stove and always turn pot handles away from the edge and little hands. Make sure any appliance cords are tucked away from counter edge. 
  3. Anchor TVs and Furniture to Walls. Exploring environments can include a lot of touching, pushing, and pulling so it's important to make sure TVs and furniture are secured to a wall using safety brackets!
  4. Keep Toilet Lids Closed! As your child starts to pull up and explore, make sure toilet lids are kept closed and install a toilet seat lock for extra protection! 

If you want to make sure you've covered all the bases, get on your child's level and look at things from their point of view. It's easy to overlook somethings because we just don't see the world from that angle. So get into the crawling position and take a look around your house. 

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