Christmas Shopping on a Budget

By: Symone Grady


iStock-495732784.jpgThe Holidays often bring a sense of warmth, love, and compassion to the hearts of many. But if you're not careful, all the holiday cheer can leave you in debt for the new year!

Before making your grand trip to the mall or department store to tackle your Christmas shopping list, consult our handy dandy list of budgeting tips! You can get all your loved ones gifts they will be happy to receive and you may save a few dollars — it's a win win!

1. Set a Budget in Advance

Take into account your regular monthly expenses then ask yourself "How much can I afford to spend this holiday season?" Set a budget for gifts, decoration, food, and travel. Be sure to stay within your budget! 

2. Shop Online 

Typically, stores offer many more options online than in the physical store. You also may be able to find promotional codes that could help you save even more. Money Saving Expert points out that online retail giant Amazon has some great bargains for those who know where to look. The online Amazon Discount Finder tool can help bargain hunters find savings of up to 80 percent on some items. So if you can, pull out your laptop or smartphone and do all your Christmas shopping from the comforts of your own home.

3. Keep it Simple 

Does every gift really need a bow or expensive wrapping? Do gift bags have to have bells on them? Ditch the extra embellishments and streamline your gift wrapping. Most of it ends up in the trash anyway.

4. Try DIY Gifts 

Making gifts add a little extra love and is a great way to add a personal touch to your holiday gifts.

5. Kill Two Birds with One Stone 

Rather than giving each family member a gift, buy one gift that the entire family can enjoy like a game console, or stereo.


What are things you do to stay within budget or save money when Christmas shopping? 


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