Computer Safety Guide For Kids

By: Symone Grady

iStock-515527294.jpgToday is National Computer Safety Day! So why not take the opportunity to educate your child about proper computer use and how to keep personal information safe?

The Internet has drastically changed the way that children interact with the world. They have access to in-depth knowledge, tools to express their creativity, and people from all over the world. Yet along with offering a fascinating, new way to connect with the world, the Internet also offers new risks like:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Exposure to inappropriate material
  • Online predators
  • Revealing too much personal information 

 As a parent or guardian, you should stay well-informed about current issues to understand what your children are experiencing on and off the Internet.

If they are social networking, instant messaging, using webcams, or blogging, help them use these tools safely by learning how to use them yourself.

Children whose parents and guardians regularly talk to them about personal safety are more likely to exhibit responsible behavior on their own.

Some families even participate in internet contracts! An internet contract is one document that listed online rules to help keep your children and their infroamtion safe. Here is a sample contract that you can tweak and use with your children. You can print it out and keep it near your family desktop.


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