December Health & Fitness Tips

By: Nicole Wheeler


Parent: "Now that it's starting to get cold outside, how would you recommend I dress my children for the outdoors? I want them to be warm but I don't want to over-do it."

Matt: With the weather getting colder it is important to wear more layers but it is not necessary to wear so much that you can barely move. A coat with gloves, and a hat will help keep your children warm. When they are moving around they will be generating body heat to keep them warm as well. Use your best judgement and plan ahead of time by checking the weather the night before.


Parent: "What are the best protein/granola bars that you recommend? There are so many out there I never know which one is the best for me."

Matt: There are so many protein bars out there so it is hard to know which ones are good and which ones lack quality. Personally, the best bar I have found and made taking your health into consideration are Quest bars made by Quest Nutrition. Full of quality protein along with an adequate amount of fiber. Fiber is what helps tie us over until our next meal and also help to keep regular bowel movements. If you have a chance read about their mission and why Quest Nutrition was started, you will find comfort behind their passion. Plus they are yummy!!!


Parent: "Do you have a good stretch for kids before they go outside to play in the snow?"

Matt: Holding stretches (Static Stretching) is not a focus for children because they are still developing growing taller and longer. So children do not tend to have a problem with over tight muscles. What children should do before they play or exercise is dynamic stretches such as arm circles or jogging in place. This will help get blood flow to the working muscles and "warm up" the muscles.


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matt-skellyMatt Skelly, Owner of Grow To Health, grew up as an obese child and it caused a lot of unnecessary struggles for him throughout his life. In high school, he decided to turn his life around for the better. He lost weight, gained confidence and felt like a whole new person. He has now dedicated his life to helping children and families develop healthy habits that work for them and their lifestyle. Visit Grow To Health for all the programs he offers for you and your family! There is always a way to better your health and Matt can get you there!

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