DIY Moon Sand

By: Symone Grady


Brace yourselves because this is an awesome activity that your kids will love to play with. It’s called moon sand and it’s wonderful for sensory learning. What I also love is that it is super quick to make, you can even get the kids involved.

Recommended age: 3 years +
(always provide active supervision during play)

Moon Sand

Moon sand is given it’s name because of it’s crumbly texture and how similar it looks to the surface of the moon. It can also be moulded when compressed. 

Moon Sand Recipe

The ratio to make moon sand is simple:

  •  8 cups of all purpose flour
  •  1 cup of vegetable oil

You can also add a half a teaspoon of tempera powdered paint before combining it all together.  I’m sure a few drops of food colouring would work too but keep it mind it will add moisture to the mixture. The texture should feel quite crumbly but combine when squeezed in the hand. Add a little more flour if the mixture feels too damp, a teaspoon or two more vegetable oil if not combining as well as desired.



After making the moon sand you can your child begin digging their fingers into it. They will get to explore the soft, crumbly texture of the cool moon sand. 

Learning about Colours

It is not necessary to colour your moon sand, however, doing so will give you an opportunity to talk about the colours with your child. They can also mix the colours together to make new colours! What a great lesson.

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