Educator of the Week - Ms. Carmelia Crawford

By: Nicole Wheeler

carmelia_highlightOur Educator of the Week this week comes to us from #161 in Kernersville, NC. Although Ms. Carmelia Crawford is the lead three year-olds teacher, she is loved by children throughout the entire school. She is a very talented and nurturing educator - all of her children feel safe and know they are loved when they are in her care. When you meet her, you will see that Ms. Carmelia has a smile that is contagious. She's a very positive person and is always looking for ways to be helpful around the school.

The children in her care are able to excel in learning because of her ability to expand on their prior knowledge and develop their impressionable minds. One of Ms. Carmelia's favorite activities throughout the month is curriculum costume day because she loves to be creative. Through her clothes and costume, she is able to come up with ideas to encourage the children to expand on their knowledge of the current topic. She is great with capturing their attention and incorporating their interest into classroom activities. As a team member, she supports administration and is a mentor to all new staff we bring on our team.

When you walk into the three's classroom you will notice the cleanliness and organization, in addition to the pride Ms. Carmelia takes in her children's art. It is displayed throughout the room. She also has a great relationship with her families and maintains excellent communication with each child's parent. Her parents know that she loves each of the children and treats them as an extension of her own family. This comforts parents when they leave their children in her care.

We love Ms. Carmelia and are so happy she is on our team! She knows what Childcare Network is all about and we can learn from her example!


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