Educator of the Week - Ms. Kelly Halpain

By: ChildcareBlog

Our Educator of the Week is Mrs. Kelly Halpain. She is one of our wonderful K-Prep teachers at #186 in Bryant, AR. Mrs. Kelly is a life long resident of Saline County and graduated from Bauxite High School in 1999. She is married to her husband, David, and they have two children, Paige (16 Years old) and Jackson (9 Years old).

Ms. Kelly has been a K-Prep teacher at our school for over a year, making such a amazing positive impact since she has been here. She is very passionate about her kids and makes it a top priority to ensure each child is ready for Kindergarten when they leave her class. She utilizes positive reinforcement every day in her classroom and her students always love her praises when they show that they have grasped the knowledge of something new! Her favorite activity is art, because she believes this is a perfect outlet for children to demonstrate their creativity. When you walk into her classroom, you will find the walls filled with the creative artwork mastered by her students.

She is an extremely dependable person and always goes above and beyond to make sure her students succeed, which is why we love her! Parents have said that their kids will beg to come to school on weekends, just to see Ms. Kelly. She brings great pride to our school and we appreciate all of her hard work!



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