Educator of the Week - Ms. Paula McKenzie

By: Nicole Wheeler

paula_highlightOur Educator of the Week this week comes to us from #132 in Crestview, FL. Paula McKenzie is currently the Assistant Director of the center and has been with Childcare Network for the past thirteen years. She joined our family as a teacher where she mentored many of her fellow staff to develop their own teaching style, while meeting the daily demands of young children.

Paula has worked with infants, toddlers and twos before moving into the assistant director position in 2009. As an assistant, Paula continues to coach young teachers as they begin their career as early educators. She has also shared many of her organizational strategies with other schools and has become a source of advice and information for other assistant directors. She is often referred to as the “Queen” of USDA paperwork!

We are so thankful of Ms. Paula because she has frequently stepped into the role of Director at her school during difficult times at others schools. She does this effortlessly and we're very relieved to have someone so reliable in the assistant position! Parents also love Ms. Paula because they can always rely on her to give a daily update of classroom activities. They will frequently gather at her desk at the end of the day to discuss the day’s events.

We are very proud to have Paula on our team. She continues to be a valuable asset to Childcare Network!



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