Educator Spotlight - Joann Gann

By: Nicole Wheeler

Meet our Educator Spotlight, Ms. Joann Gann, the wonderful three's teacher from #185 in Bryant, AR. Joann has been with the school for a year and a half and has been Jo-anikaworking on her Child Development Associate Credential (CDA) for the last year. She has shown the commitment of attending classes on her "off" hours, all the while being a mother of four children. When she had her observation for her CDA, the proctor said she couldn't believe the things she was able to get three year olds to accomplish. Her gift lies in her ability to empower her students. She helps give them a healthy, self-worth confidence which encourages growth and learning in her class. She is always present and engaged in her classroom, and it shows in the effective way she teaches.

Jo3Joann also is a wonderful partner with her parents. She does a great job of informing them where their child is developmentally, as well as communicating what they are working on at school so they can continue the learning at home. Teachers definitely control the "weather" in their classrooms and it is always a beautiful day in Ms. Jo's room!

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From #185's Director, Ms. Christa: "After a year of classes, hard work, observation, and testing, Joann Gann was awarded her CDA! We couldn't be prouder to have Ms. Jo on our staff and part of our school family. Her parents and children adore her and she truly exemplifies the qualities we love to have in our teachers. Congratulations Ms. Jo!​​​​"

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