Educator Spotlight - Ms. Amberly Wilkes

By: Nicole Wheeler

Meet our Educator Spotlight, Ms. Amberly Catherine Wilkes, the Three Year Old Teacher from #22 in Savannah, GA!teacher_2254 She has earned her Florida Credential in Early Childhood Education and is currently working on her CDA. We are so proud to have Ms Amberly in our CNI family because she is so dedicated and loves her job every single day. Her temperament with the children is also calm and loving. She displays a unique ability to play with the children while asking open-ended questions to encourage the children to express themselves and build vocabulary.

17Ms. Amberly is the type of person who inspires creativity to everyone around her. Her children love her because she is the "most fun" and they look forward seeing her every morning. She starts her day with circle time and teaches the children to check the weather and the days of the week. She recognizes special events planned for her class and holds a class discussion. Because of her classroom management, she has the gift of encouraging the children to be independent and build self esteem. 6

Ms Amberly always has a smile and a hug for all of our children. She is soft spoken, kind, great role model for our young students. We are so happy to have Ms. Amberly on our team and very appreciative of everything she does for us!

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