Educators of the Week - Ms. Maria Rayburn and Ms. Stephanie Cagle

By: Nicole Wheeler

maria_steph_highlightWe are happy to announce that we have two Educators of the Week this week! Ms. Maria and Ms. Stephanie are our fantastic Infant room teachers from #218 in Columbus, GA . They were both nominated by one of the parents in their classroom, Ms. Deborah Lingier.

"As a new mother, I had no idea what to expect when it came to placing my child into the care of strangers at a daycare facility. Very quickly, I had no worries and was thankful to have my child enrolled at Childcare Network #218. These two teachers have played a huge role in the ability for my child to thrive. It's a great feeling to be able to leave your only child at a daycare and know he prefers to be there during the day, compared to anywhere else. These women are absolutely amazing with my attention-demanding infant/toddler.

Every morning, Gavin is placed into the care of Ms. Maria Rayburn. His face lights up as soon as he sees her. She immediately takes him from me as soon as we enter her room. He knows that she is going to feed him a delicious breakfast. Maria gives me a progress report every morning on what he has been up to and what milestones he is reaching. Maria recently informed us that he is a talking and singing machine! Maria has been wonderful at making sure I have Gavin doing things that should be done at specific his specific age to enhance his development. She knows infants; whereas, I have no clue. Maria is constantly changing up the room to keep all the infants from being bored. I love seeing the new infant-created artwork on the walls.

Every afternoon I pick up Gavin from his second teacher, Ms. Stephanie Cagle. She always has him giggling when it is time to go and he reaches for her as we go to leave. Stephanie lets me know what he likes and doesn't like when it comes to the foods that he is offered. She is the one who showed me that Gavin could walk! She did an amazing job getting him from the crawling to walking stage. She is wonderful at giving me his progress reports of her interactions with Gavin. We know he loves to dance to the music they play. She even spoils him by taking him and his buddies on the toddler swings whenever possible. "

A big thank you to Deborah for taking the time to recognize these educators and their wonderful influence on her and her son- we greatly appreciate it! We love to hear feedback from our families and encourage all parents to nominate their favorite directors, teachers & staff from their Childcare Network schools!



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