Family Easter Activities

By: Symone Grady

Whether you have a house full of friends and family, or you're looking to create some fun Easter activities for the children this year, these ideas are sure to have everyone hopping around with smiles on their faces. 

Decorating Eggs

Although this Easter tradition has been around forever, some of the ideas for decorating eggs that we have seen lately are worth sharing. We chose three designs from this Ultimate list from Moms Crafty Space, that we think will get every age child involved in their own egg-reation. If you really want to add a fresh spin to the egg decorating activity, try making your very own all-natural dyes!




A. Glitter - These dots are just one example from BHG of what double sided adhesive can allow, but using double sided tape or even shapes will work as well.

B. Monograms and water proof tape. Whichever area you cover with tape, the dye will not color. There's a lot of room for creativity with this technique from Martha Stewart.

C. If using dye and glitter is not your thing, the little ones can decorate plastic eggs, which you can later use in an egg hunt or to fill.

Egg Shakers

egg shake

Whether a baby, a toddler or a school age child, this activity can be tailored for any age. Babies will have fun shaking the eggs and hearing the different sounds, while toddlers can fill the eggs, shake them, close them and open them and count the objects inside. Older children that are school age will enjoy guessing how many items are in each egg based on the weight and sound the shaking makes.

The Hunt

001 (4).jpg

Easter Egg Hunts at grandma's were some of my favorite memories as a child. Searching all the nooks and crannies in the house to fill my basket with plastic eggs and collect my winnings was my favorite activity to do. Having different aged children could cause a little drama, so we have three tips on how to make sure every child has fun and your Easter Egg Hunt is a success.


1. Multiple kids that are all different ages? Assign each child a "color" of egg and hide accordingly. The little ones will be picking up the eggs that were left in plain site, while the older ones will be focused on finding their color in harder to spot areas.


2. A Treasure Hunt. Create a map with clues that the whole group of children can participate in. Hide eggs in almost impossible places that could only be found with clues from a map. Each egg leaving a new clue that leads to the end treasure for everyone to enjoy!


3. Instead of filling each egg with candy and junk food, set up multiple hunts for snacks or activities. Choose a few different rooms or sections of the house to host a hunt and when it is time for another snack or craft/activity - let the hunt begin. This works especially well with older children who may know all the hiding spots from year's past.

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