Family Home Safety

By: Kate Quattlebaum

Home is where you relax, play, and just enjoy spending time with your family. Every parent wants their kids to grow up healthy and strong, accidents happen though and there will be minor scrapes and bruises as they grow up. As a parent, you would prevent them all if you could, but unfortunately they don’t make a bubble suit for kids (we checked). Here are a few things you can do to help ensure safety around the home.

Fire Safety

Always have a fire alarm on every level of your home. Make sure to test your fire alarms every six months to ensure they are working. Create an escape plan, review it with your family, and practice how to get out of each room. The more familiar your kids are with the escape plan, the better they will be able to handle themselves during a crisis situation.


Water Safety

During bath time, avoid distracting activities such as reading, folding clothes, or talking on the phone. After every bath, make sure to immediately drain the tub. For those with pools in the backyard, make sure they have four-sided fencing as well as self-latching gates. Enroll your child in swimming lessons when you feel they are ready and teach younger children not to enter or approach water. Also, make sure your older children know to never swim without an adult present.iStock-519809099.jpg

Fall Prevention

In homes with more than one level, use approved safety gates at the top and bottom of all stairs. Not all safety gates are meant for the use at the top of stairs so make sure to check they are compatible with your needs. When installing safety gates, attach them to the wall if possible for extra security. Also, make sure toys are picked up after being used. Children aren’t the only people who can be hurt by a stray lego, parents and siblings can also fall victim. Not only does it prevent tripping but teaches your child responsibility and organizational skills.


You can’t prevent all accidents, you can only do your best to child-proof your child’s environments. Don’t forget, kids are constantly growing and changing! Make sure to review your home and habits to ensure the safeguards you put in place remain appropriate for your child.

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