DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas

By: Angelina Petano


Father’s Day is right around the corner and sometimes it feels like they are the absolute hardest people to shop for. Since that 60" television or a new motorcycle are definitely not in the budget, we came up with a few creative (and cheap) ideas, sure to put a smile on any dad's face.







1) Superhero Gift Basket: Who needs a motorcycle when they can fly right? Make a basket with all of his favorite snacks and top it off with some creative labels to let him know how super he really is.

Fathers day idea




2) Coffee Mug: Who wouldn't want to be reminded of how much they are loved every morning while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. The kids can can make their own creations and add that TLC effect to ensure a perfectly brewed cup of love.

3) “I love Daddy because…”: A plaque that dad is sure to cherish. Not to mention he'll have some bragging rights about how awesome his children are wherever he decides to display it.

I love dad becausejpg


4 ) Car Washing Kit: Dads love their cars and keeping them (their other babies) clean is a must once the nice weather hits. Being able to admire the shine and glow of all his hard work will be easy when he has this custom car wash kit. Made for the king!

Car Wash Kit










5) DIY Calendar: This one is our favorite! Have the kids draw 12 pictures of their favorite activities they love to do with dad, then help them create a calendar. Pencil in the special day each month where dad can set aside time to do that activity with them. The gift that keeps on giving. (p.s. While you're at may as well get creative and draw on birthdays and your anniversaries too!)


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