French Fry Day!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

iStock-4949716541 We know them as French fries but around the world, they’re also known as chips, pommes frites, or papas fritas. Today is dedicated to these deep-fried potatoes, it’s French Fry Day!

French fries come in all different varieties such as curly, crinkle cut, waffle, and steak fries. Did you know that French fries aren’t actually French? That’s right, they were invented in Belgium during the late 17th century and called fried potatoes. During World War 1, when American Soldiers stationed in Belgium were introduced to this tasty treat. Since the official language of the Belgian army was French, the American soldiers started calling them French fries.

Celebrate today by enjoying your favorite kind of french fries with your friends and family!

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