Getting Ready for a New School Year with Georgia Pre-K!

By: Kate Quattlebaum


Georgia's Pre-K Program is a lottery funded educational program designed to prepare eligible four year olds for kindergarten. The program begins in August, just like the school system, and operates on a similar schedule of 6.5 hours per day, Monday-Friday, 180 days a year. It is designed to develop and master the skills necessary for children to be successful in Kindergarten. Click here to view Childcare network locations currently offering Georgia Pre-K.

Five Reasons to choose Childcare Network Georgia Pre-K Program:

  1. Fast Track XD: Our Fast Track XD program, also more commonly known as our wrap around program, features an active and engaging curriculum that includes learning experiences that complement and ENHANCE what our children are learning in Georgia Pre-K. Our teachers maximize every teachable moment they have with our children to be sure that no chance is missed to encourage life-long learning.

    As part of our Fast Track XD program, our children will also have
    opportunities for extra-curricular experiences (at participating schools) like computer, karate, soccer, dance, and more. Like our Fast Track program, these activities are done right at our school so parents do not have to fight traffic to get to practice after work!

  2. Smaller More Secure Campus: At Childcare Network, we provide a more nurturing and intimate learning environment specializing in early education. The more personal space allows children to see familiar faces like teachers, siblings and friends easily throughout the day.

    Check-in and check-out of each child is monitored by staff throughout the day, and bus drivers complete a comprehensive driver-training program before transporting kids to or from school and other activities. So, parents LOVE our transportation system. 

    Finally, Childcare Network offers an open door policy for parents so they can visit their child at any time during the day. Parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom as often as possible too so they are engaged and involved in their child's home away from home.

  3. Quality Rated Schools: All of our classrooms, including Georgia Pre-K classrooms, participate in the Quality Rated Program which is a state initiative promoting the highest quality of early childhood care and learning practices. The rigorous rating process requires child care programs to compile an extensive portfolio of the program's curriculum and practices and to undergo independent observations of each classroom.

    Stars are then awarded based on a combination of points gathered from an independent observation and a portfolio that demonstrates that the program meets standards above and beyond what licensing requires. The number of stars simply reflects scores above certain levels. The Quality Rated system was designed so that any parent selecting a program participating in Quality Rated can feel confident that they are enrolling their child in a program that is committed to continuous quality improvement and higher quality standards. 

  4. Georgia Pre-K Support Team: We have a team whose job is to support the Georgia Pre-K programs in our schools. The Support Team monitors each school's program and offers technical assistance and training to all Georgia Pre-K staff throughout the year.

    The Support Team spends time in the schools working hand-in-hand with our teachers to ensure our classrooms are properly set-up and meet the state standards. They are also working countless hours behind the scenes advocating for our schools, our teachers and most importantly, our children and their families.

    Childcare Network believes and understands that it takes resources and support to run high quality programs. We are there to help our teachers administer this program and attain the desired results.

  5. Teacher Continuing Education: Many of our teachers have college degrees, and we support their continued learning with our Tuition Assistance Program. We also offer FREE continuing education classes to our teachers through ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) and encourage our teachers to pursue higher education.

    As a company, our educators participate in over 1,500 courses each month. We also offer financial assistance to our teachers who are pursuing a degree. This assistance allows our teachers to continue to provide the best education possible to all of the children in our schools. Childcare Network is committed to providing resources for professional development, skill improvement and more for teachers.

  6. Seamless Learning Day: At Childcare Network, we offer a seamless transition during the day for families that need extended care before and/or after the Georgia Pre-K day. Whether a child starts or ends with pre/post-care or Georgia Pre-K, there is no need for transportation involved as we offer both services on site. 

    We also offer Fast Track XD, an accelerated school readiness program for students who need the extended day care. Our Fast Track XD program creates more excitement about learning and
    guarantees advanced preparation for Kindergarten. Parents with children enrolled in this program will have care available from open until close, depending on the hours of your location.

To register your child for the 2018/2019 School Year program which begins in August your child must be age 4 by
September 2, 2018.

To secure your Georgia Pre-K slot for the upcoming school year visit your desired Georgia Pre-K Program Provider or call to speak with one of our Enrollment Services Representatives at 866-521-KIDS.

We invite prospective parents to drop on by any of our preschool locations nationwide and see why Childcare Network is more than just a day care.

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