Go Caroling Day!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

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Christmas caroling used to bring joy to the world, but nowadays, it seems to have given way to silent nights. It’s a real shame! Perhaps it’s because neighborhoods are bigger? Even Santa admits that delivering presents is more work than it used to be. But do you hear what I hear? Hark, the herald angels sing! Childcare Network families going caroling!

I sing, you sing, we all sing in synch synch! If you have any neighbors who could use some cheer, you know what to do!

If you’ve got a shy singer, see if they’d enjoy playing an instrument. You can make a homemade tambourine that your child will love to shake! Get some glue, some dried beans, and a couple of paper plates. Put the dried beans inside the plates and glue their rims together. Once the glue dries, your child can decorate it with whatever art supplies you have around, and then you can get started playing it on your family caroling adventure!

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