Halloween BOO Door Decoration

By: Angelina Petano


Halloween Door Decor

Halloween seems to creep up so quickly it's scary! On the night of, your front door takes the main stage for trick or treaters from all over the neighborhood. This festive DIY door hanger is not only a great craft for your children to help with, but also doubles as an adorable decoration for you to show off.

Items needed for this project.

  • Wooden letters (these were on sale for less than $3 at Hobby Lobby)
  • Acrylic Paint and brush (You can use all black or switch it up and do some orange, yellow, white, or purple)
  • Thin ribbon or string for letters (have fun with this too)
  • Larger bow or ribbon to make bow.



  • Paint letters. You may choose to paint a design on them like orange with white polka dots, or just leave them one color, it's up to you.
  • String or tie together letters, making sure to leave the same amount of space in between and leaving room for them to hang nicely.
  • Make or glue bow for the top. Here is a quick video on How to Make a Bow.
  • Hang on your door for everyone to see!

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