Halloween Craft: Q-Tip Skeleton!

By: Nicole Wheeler

Q-Tip skeleton

What You'll Need:


- Q Tips
- Black and White construction paper
- Black marker
- Scissors
- Glue


What to Do:


1. Begin by gluing 6 whole Q-tips on the black cardstock for the skeleton’s ribs.


2. Glue 1 Q-tip perpendicular over the ribs to act as the backbone. Have the Q-tip lie flush with the last rib, but poke up longer than the top rib, to act as the neck bone.


3. Draw a skull on the white paper with a black marker, and cut it out.

ribs and skull

4. Glue the skull on the paper above and touching the neck bone.



5. Glue 4 whole Q-tips for the arm joints and leg joints, as shown in the finished photo

cutting qtipscut qtips

6. Cut 6 whole Q-tips in half, or make them even shorter if you like. These are smaller bones that can be used as the 10 fingers, and 2 to be the feet. Glue them in place.


7. Hang on your front door for the Trick-or-Treaters!


Inspired by www.crafts-for-all-seasons.com

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