Help Your Little Ones With Their Fear of Shots

By: Symone Grady

Fall is here which means cold and flu season is approaching. Be proactive about keeping your family healthy during this time by taking multivitamins to power up your immune system and plan a time to get flu shots. 

While flu shots can help prevent people from getting the flu, it can be a tough ordeal for little ones or children who have developed a fear of shots or needles, aichmophobia.

To help make this an easy process for your family, below you will find tips on how to help get your kids through their shots.

flu shot

1. Music 

Play your child's favorite songs in the doctor's office to calm their nerves. The music won't completely eliminate the pain but, the distraction helps them focus on it less, which improves their overall perception of getting shots.

2. Toy of Choice

Some children become attached to a toy, stuffed animal, or even a blanket. Bring these items with you during their appointment to bring them a little more comfort. 

3. Wiggle Their Toes

Right before the nurse administers the shot, ask your child to wiggle their toes and to keep wiggling them. This forces the child to concentrate on something other than the shot. This activity is a fine motor skill and creates a tickling sensation in their feet so they may not even feel the needle! 

What are some ways that you help your child get through a shot? Comment below with your advice!


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