Helping Your Child Adjust to Routine with Pictures

By: Angelina Petano

Since each one of our children are different in their own ways, they may struggle with different routines in the day. Whether it is the morning, going to school, meal time or bedtime, it can be a constant battle between you and your child. If you've pinpointed which time of the day your child struggles with the most, you've probably tried what feels like everything to help smooth things out. You've given them more control by offering choices instead of choosing for them, you've tried bribery (which may have worked the first few times, but that quickly faded) and on some nights you may have just let them have their way due to frustration and exhaustion. Don't give up hope yet. Just like children transition differently, they also learn differently.

Your child may be more of a visual learner, so seeing pictures of them moving through their routine, may be helpful, even exciting for them.

Try taking 5- 10 pictures of your child during the routine they struggle with the most. Post the pictures on a piece of poster board or somewhere at their height in the order they are to complete them. This will be a timeline for your child to follow that they can relate to because it is them. Start the timeline with something that they usually do not struggle with so that it starts fun. For example:


Meal Time (a picture of your child eating where you usually eat dinner)

brushing teeth

Bath Time (pictures of your child in the bath playing with their toys and having fun)

Pajamas (one or even two pictures of your child getting dressed in their pjs)

Brush Teeth (picture of your child brushing their teeth)

Saying Good Night (pictures of your child saying good night to everyone in the house before you tuck them in)

Picking out a Story/Stuffed Animal to Sleep With (this will depend on what your night time ritual is)

Story Time (You reading a story to your child)

Lights Out (A picture of your child fast asleep with the lights off)


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