Holiday Gifts Kids Can Make

By: Symone Grady
Homemade gifts are an excellent way to tell someone close to you that you love them! Below are arts and crafts projects that you can do with your little ones that make perfect gifts! By doing this, you are teaching your child that it isn't about giving someone the most expensive gift, but the thought process and love put into the gift that really counts. 

stamp.jpgName-Stamp Block

Great for new spellers!

What You’ll Need: Paper, craft foam, craft glue, 2-inch wooden block(s), stamp pad & notebooks 

What To Do: 

1. Write the recipient’s name in 1¼-inch-high block letters on a piece of paper (you can also use a stencil or print out the letters in a font you like at 100 points). Cut out each letter. You can get six characters onto a block, so if she has a short name, fill in any blank spaces with a fun design like a heart or a star; if she has a long name, use two blocks.

2. Trace two of each letter onto craft foam; cut out.

3. Stack the letters and glue them together. Then glue each letter to a side of the block backwards. Repeat for all letters.

4. If desired, package your blocks with a stamp pad and notebooks.

desert.jpgD.I.Y. Painted Desert

Your littles ones will love this make-your-own terrarium. 

The Jar: Choose one with a mouth wide enough that the recipient can reach inside and create the desert scene. 

What's Inside: Bags of colored sand, small trinkets, sea glass or small rocks, toothpicks, an air plant (find them at your local florist or garden center) loosely wrapped in colored tissue, and an instruction card for putting the terrarium together and caring for the plant (download ours below)

Wrap It Up: Use waxed cotton cord or twine to attach a card stock tag labeled "Painted Desert Terrarium."


Smile Jar 

Share good feelings and promote positive thinking with the help of a simple Smile Jar. Cut a piece of felt to fit the top of a canning jar and make a slit in the center as shown. Jot down a few happy thoughts, jokes, or silly notes on small slips of paper and place them in the jar. When someone's feeling down, she can pluck out a note for a quick pick-me-up. 

Painted Aprons aprons-kids-can-make-and-give.jpg

Moms, Aunties and Grandmas will adore  this hand and footprint apron from Little Page Turners.

All that's needed is a solid colored apron and cloth paint. 

candles-kids-can-decorate-and-give.jpgDecorated Candles 

All that's needed for this cute gift is a plain white scented candle and sharpies! 

Source: Parents & Happy Hooligans

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