How to Make the Most Out of Holiday School Breaks

By: Nicole Wheeler

If you are anything like me, school holidays are part relief and a little bit fear. It is so nice to not have to run around doing all the school activities but all of a sudden your Portrait of happy mother and child sitting on haystackchildren are home A LOT. One day off of school-GREAT. Everyone gets a little break. You may give the kids a little more computer time or TV time since it is only a day. Two days? Boredom starts to set in. The truth is that even though they complain about school, most children need the stimulation school provides. Three days comes the whining.

The nice thing about Thanksgiving break is that is it like a practice round for December's break. Can you survive the upcoming long weekend? If you can't, you better find a place to hide before the Christmas break. You could research and plan some really great themed activities...but that is a lot of work.

Why not make things easier and just let your children help you with things you would be doing anyway? My girls are aged 3 and 6. The 3 year old is better at making messes than cleaning them up lol. There is great potential in the 6 year old. She is interested in every task I am doing no matter how mundane. Sweep the floors? She wants to help. Cut the fruit? She wants to help.

I know what you are takes so much more time to let them help. They make messes. It is easier to do it yourself. Those things are true...BUT it is not easier to do everything yourself AND deal with a bored child home from school. Most of us have lots of cleaning and/or cooking to do this month for Thanksgiving. My best advice is let your little ones help in any way they can. Not only will it help keep them busy, they will also feel a sense of pride about this new found responsibility.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If you have extra pumpkin pie this year, I will send you my address.



Lisa Pokoluk is a stay at home mother of two beautiful girls aged 3 and 6– both with special needs. She believes motherhood is the ultimate adventure and approaches every aspect of parenting with a little comedy and a positive attitude. Lisa is a motivational coach, an online fitness coach and runs free clean eating challenges monthly on Facebook. You can connect with Lisa at Fitness Faster with Lisa Marie on Facebook or at

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