How to Switch Routines and Set Your Child Up for Success

By: Angelina Petano

2With school starting, it’s time to switch gears and put your focus towards how to best prepare your children for the school year. Most families have just spent the last handful of weeks taking summer vacations, soaking up the sun and enjoying a more relaxed schedule. If the thought of your children already starting school fills you with anxiety, you're not alone. There are some easy ways you can start establishing structure in your home and set your child up for a successful school year.

Morning/Evening Routines - Setting up a routine before your child starts school is a key factor. If you've been letting them stay up late and sleep in late, you’ll need to reset their clocks to ensure a smooth transition. Get tips for A Smoother Morning Routine here.

Prepare in Advance - When will you prepare lunches and does your child participate in extra-curricular activities? Start brainstorming and planning for these changes early, so that the transition to them once school starts will be easy.

Organize - Your time may become more limited than it already is. Take a moment to arrange a quiet place for your child to do their homework every night. Establish "reading time" in the next few weeks where they can use their quiet space to read a book. If you don’t already use a calendar to keep track of your family’s busy schedule, begin doing so and teach your family how to use it.

Know Your Child’s Learning Style - Some children learn by hearing, seeing, or by doing it themselves. With a little bit of experimentation, you can help your child figure out their learning style. This will make their classroom success easier to attain. It can also be helpful to you when they need help on their homework. For help finding out what learning style your child has click here.

Set Goals- Talk to your child about the importance of setting goals. Ask them what they would like to improve on, have them write down their goals for the school year and create a chart and timeline with them. Together, have fun designing a display to post everyone in the family's goals so that you will all work towards achieving them as a family.

Have Fun - It's important that we instill in our children how much fun learning can be. Make a big deal about Back to School. There are a few things you can do to make this special. Have a count down, Back to School Party or make their new teacher a gift. Make school exciting!

For information and talking points with your child on Back to School Safety, head here.

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