Independence Day!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

iStock-1868729811 Say “happy birthday” to America, because it’s her 242 birthday! Many years ago, today, the Continental Congress approved the final draft of the Declaration of Independence. Thank you, founding fathers, for establishing one of the most important documents in our Nation to set the foundation for our independence from England!

This day is a symbol of what is perhaps the most important document ever signed in our nation. The fight for independence from Great Britain was a fight to govern ourselves as we saw fit. Today is a day to celebrate how much freedom you have thanks to the commitment to freedom of the 13 colonies. Let freedom ring!

As far as celebrating goes, the fireworks are a given, but what is a holiday without fun food? It’s a happy coincidence that blueberries are in season in the summer. How about a delicious red, white, and blue fruit salad with strawberries, chopped banana, and blueberries? It would be a feast for your eyes and your stomach!

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