January Health & Fitness Tips

By: Nicole Wheeler

Let's welcome the year 2017 with some new resolutions and kick-start the year right! You have the questions and our health specialist, Matt, has the answers! Here are your latest tips for health and fitness.january_health


Parent: "I have 30 - 40 mins for a lunch workout. Should I focus on cardio or weights. Or should I switch it up?"

Matt: 30-40 Minutes is plenty of time to get in a good workout. The best thing to do to get most out of your time is to do a circuit workout. This will combine resistant training and cardio into one workout. Circuit training is when you pick out the exercises you want to do and you complete one exercise after the other with minimal rest. This way you are developing your muscles as well as working on your cardio because your heart will be racing from the lack of rest in between exercises.


Parent: "What are some good fitness and Health resolutions that you talk to your clients about for children? For adults?"

Matt: When I work with my clients I try to make them create a mental and physical resolution. I see it more often then not that people are very hard on themselves and create road blocks before they even approach one. The mind has a huge impact on our physical goals so I may start off with small goals to build the confidence and then progress to larger goals. The more you succeed the more your confidence goes up so when we do hit a road block or fall short it wont be hard to get back to where we were.

Goals for adults- cook breakfast 1 extra time per week, workout 3-5x per week for 30-45 minutes.
Goals for children- play outside an extra 10 minutes and subtract 10 minutes from screen time. Try a new vegetable each week.


Parent: "Is there a magical time that I should not eat past at night?"

Matt: There is a lot of myths about the magic time to stop eating at night. The truth is as long as you get the proper caloric intake you need for the day it truly doesn't matter what time you stop eating. The problem is at night we run out of will power and tend to give in to unhealthy foods. For this reason I usually set the rule for myself to not eat past 7. This way I have a rule to follow and even when I am laying around the house bored at night and want a sweet treat I don't give in because it would be breaking the rule. Creating tools like this will help you stay on track and from derailing off your healthy habits.


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matt-skellyMatt Skelly, Owner of Grow To Health, grew up as an obese child and it caused a lot of unnecessary struggles for him throughout his life. In high school, he decided to turn his life around for the better. He lost weight, gained confidence and felt like a whole new person. He has now dedicated his life to helping children and families develop healthy habits that work for them and their lifestyle. Visit Grow To Health for all the programs he offers for you and your family! There is always a way to better your health and Matt can get you there!

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