Shadows & A Story in the Classroom!

By: Nicole Wheeler


Teachers at Childcare Network have lots ofunnamed-2.jpg creative resources available to them that enhance learning in all kinds of areas of development. The shadows and stories sets help children tell and retell stories as well as integrate knowledge and curiosity about shadows. 

"The Shape of Me and Other Stuff" by Dr. Seuss is a great introduction for children about shadows. Introducing a new concept through literacy engages children and helps them learn. The children can point out items, the teacher can ask questions, and the children can interact with the storyline. 

3BillyGoatsGruff-1.jpg"The Three Billy Goats Gruff" is one of the puppet shows that comes along with the shadow screen. You can read the original version and the play version that comes with the kit. The children enjoyed both versions of the story and we compared and contrasted. 

At the conclusion of the original version, the children got to watch the puppet show. They enjoyed this interactive model of the classic story and had lots of feedback about how much they enjoyed it. The children also got to try out the puppet show characters and can even make up their own stories. 


While outside, allow children to explore all types of shadows in their natural environment. This is best done on a sunny day. The children can find different shapes and even try to copy some of the shadows they see. 


Children can discover all kinds of things about their own shadow while outside in the sun! Children can make different shapes and poses to manipulate their shadow. They can even get their friends to outline their shadow with chalk if they are on pavement or fill their shadow with rocks, leaves, or other natural items. 
These renewable resources are available for teachers to use that assist them in helping expand story concepts. Literacy themes can play into learning in all different types of unexpected ways. Share some ideas with your parents on fun activities they can do at home with their children that go along with a story. You could change these weekly or monthly.

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Miss Amanda is the Education & Marketing Specialist for the Clayton, NC and surrounding area schools. She has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and Paralegal Technology. She is also wrapping up her Bachelors Degree in Early Care and Education. Amanda has over 9 years of experience working with children. Knowing that she is helping wire young minds for the future and setting the foundation for learning is her biggest reward. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, cooking, and spending time with her family.

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