Lady Bug Window Suncatchers

By: Nicole Wheeler

What You Need:P5187857-450x600

  • Contact Paper (sticky back plastic - can be found at Staples, Office Max, Walmart, etc.)
  • Black construction paper
  • Red tissue paper
  • Green tissue paper
  • Googly eyes



What to Do:

  1. First, cut out a oval, lady bug shape from the black construction paper. Be sure to cut out a small thin line for down the center. P5117639-600x450
  2. Place the shape on the sticky side of the contact paper. *Optional: cut out small black circles and place them in the center of the lady bug cut out for "spots."
  3. Do the same for leaves: cut out a leaf outline on the black paper and place it on the sticky side of a piece of contact paper.
  4. Cut the red and green tissue paper into small rectangles.
  5. Place the red rectangles in the middle of the sticky lady bug cut out.
  6. Place the green rectangles in the middle of the sticky leaf cut out. Make sure to fill in all gaps.
  7. Cut off the excess contact paper around the edges of the black outlines.
  8. Use blue tack to stick the figures on the windows!


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