Learning Styles: How to Best Support Your Child's Learning!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

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We all have our own way of doing things. In the same aspect, we are all unique in the way we learn. There are several different learning styles that can help you learn the best way to communicate with your child. You might have already picked up how they tend to respond better when you show them how to do something first or instead have to write down the directions.

Not everyone fits perfectly into one category, there can be overlaps in the way we learn best. At Childcare Network, our HighReach Learning Curriculum tailors chooses subjects to focus on that will combine the learning styles. In addition teachers also use a variety of activities to appeal to each child's preferred style of learning.



Auditory pertains to those who learn best through hearing. This can be anything from verbal communications, to sounds, or music. They can grasp concepts faster when spoke to them and also tend to concentrate better when music is playing. Auditory learners can find it more difficult to stay quiet for longer periods of time. You can keep them engaged in what you're communication by asking them to repeat what you've asked them to do!


This style of learning can also be referred to as spatial learning. If you are a visual learner, you excel at learning when subjects are presented in a visual way. Visual learners will enjoy picture books, posters, drawing, or observing behavior. To implement this in your home, chore charts or a written schedule can be helpful in communicating expectations! 


Kinesthetic essentially means tactile. Kinesthetic learns understand concepts best through experience or "doing." If your child is a Kinesthetic learner, you probably frequently hear the phrase, "Let me hold/see that."  You will find these children enjoy books with pop-ups, doors, and interactive features. A useful tip is to create rhymes with hand clapping or finger snapping to help your child recall thing more easily!


The more you know about your child's learning style, the more easily you will be able to communicate with them. You might also have learned something about your own learning style! Do you have any special learning style tricks you use in your home?