Memorial Day Art

By: Symone Grady


Memorial Day is coming up and it’s time for the kids to make some patriotic crafts! Keep your little ones busy during your Memorial Day get together with this cool arts and crafts project. Consider buying a bag of straws from your local dollar store so they can make some cool fireworks! It’s the perfect art project that is quick and turns out neat for the holiday. 

You will need: 7 straws, paint (red and blue), and a piece of white paper.

Here's how to make it: Start by stretching out the straws as far as they can go and group them together in your hand. Spread out the top of the straws so they are sticking out. Have someone put a piece of tape around the bottom of them as you’re holding them. Let go and put another piece right under the top.

memorial day-straw-fireworks-craft-for-kids_1.png

Have the kids dip the straws into blue paint first and stamp it all over the paper. If the paint doesn’t show up great, have them press each straw individually against the paper. Add some red paint and your fireworks are done! Add some glitter if you want them to really sparkle.

Source: Crafty Morning

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