The Discovery of Meal Prep

By: ChildcareBlog

This week I have discovered a game changer for my family!

I have days when I am just too tired or too busy to cook. I want my family to eat healthy and I do not want to order pizza AGAIN. However, I find that with all the activities the girls are involved with, our calendar fills up quick and sometimes I am not left with many other options. They have to eat right? So, I did something new this week. This magical thing called meal prep! I will admit that for me, meal prep seemed like a Pinterest idea for people with more time and more patience than me. Although eating well is important to me, I feel as though lately I've been eating more and more convenience foods. Something had to 2

I decided to make my meal prep day Sunday. Sunday is a more relaxed day in my house. I researched recipes ahead of time and was ready to get to work. For my first attempt at this meal prep concept, I made a double batch of homemade butternut squash soup, two different kinds of protein muffins, a zucchini bake, cooked up some vegetarian protein and cleaned and cut fresh vegetables. The whole process took me about two hours, but I'm sure I could get it done faster once I get a few practice runs under my photo 3belt. The protein was hard for me because I am a vegetarian but if you eat chicken, you could easily throw an onion and a pack of chicken in the crockpot and have shredded chicken all week.

photo 1The moral of the story is that I ate well this week and my family ate well this week. Healthy snacks were a breeze. Although I did not prep enough for every meal, it sure was nice to have healthy food ready to go. A homemade cup of soup, matched with a sandwich on the plate and Voila! I actually made so much soup that I was even able to freeze some for another upcoming week.

I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to look at a refrigerator full of healthy foods ready to go!


Here are the Recipes I used:

Butternut squash soup-- Roast one butternut squash, one onion and two small apples until soft. Blend. Add broth to desired consistency. Add seasoning to taste.
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