My Child is a Stinky Sleeper

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I think of this word like I do the word CAKE or VACATION or some other amazing thing that I only get to have on special occasions. Before I had children, sleep was never something I really thought about much. I sort of suspected that I would need to give up a little sleep when I had little babies. I had images of a beautiful newborn keeping me up for a few months and then sleeping soundly through the night in her crib.

Ha. Ha. Ha.

One of the first things I learned as a new mother is that EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE is interested in how your baby is sleeping. Women proudly announce that their child is sleeping through the night like they are saying he earned a college degree. If you are not careful, people will let your entire worth as a parent come down to whether or not your baby is sleeping through the night. Do not let this happen to you. Sleep is definitely important but there are so many things that influence a child's ability to sleep and very little involve your skills as a parent.

My two beautiful girls E and L are terrible sleepers. I mean the worst. I joke that they were born without the ability to make melatonin. I read all of the sleep training books. I listened to all of the advice. Guess what? At 3 years and 6 years of age they are still pretty stinky sleepers. If you are a new parent I am not saying this to scare you. It does get better. It is just important to be gentle with yourself and understand sometimes you may have a beautiful child who is a stinky sleeper and it IS NOT YOUR FAULT.

The other big misconception for me as a new mother is that a baby would happily sleep in his crib. To me, crib is a four letter word (if you know what I mean). I am not going to get into a big debate about safety and where a child will sleep. I just want to say if the crib thing doesn't go as planned, do not beat yourself about it.

So the bottom line about sleep as I see it? No matter what is going on with you and your little ones, the sleep should improve as they get older. Oh and no matter where they fall asleep, no matter how strange a location, LET THEM SLEEP!


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