Nutella & Banana Sushi Snack

By: Symone Grady

Want a fun and healthy snack you can make with your preschooler?  This is a great one!

Cooking can be a pleasurable activity for children of all ages.  Starting them young can produce a lifelong love for being in the kitchen and hopefully create a healthy eating habit. Preparing food with family can also create bonds as well as strengthen many developmental abilities in children including fine motor skills, learning cause and effect solutions, math skills while measuring, and so much more! This is a simple snack you and your child can make together.



Nutella & Banana Sushi Snack

Ingredients needed: (per roll)

Nutella – About 1 Tbs  per roll

Banana x 1

Whole wheat Wrap (you can use whichever round wrap you like)


Show your child a picture of this delicious snack to intrigue them. Have your little one help look at the ingredients list with you and gather materials needed. Then follow these easy steps;

Step 1

Lay your wrap on a cutting board and spread the nutella across the wrap

Step 2

Place the full banana on top of your chocolate coating

Step 3

Roll the wrap as you would Sushi (or a Burrito)

Step 4

Cut into 2cm sections and enjoy!


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