Our "Terrific Tools" Curriculum

By: Nicole Wheeler

There are all different types of tools. Tools can be used to fix things but can also help different types of jobs in our community. Children can be exposed to a variety of tools and learn their importance while also gaining other skills along the way.

A camera is a tool that allows people to capture moments in time so they can be remembered. Allowing children to pretend with a camera while also showing them a real one will add meaningful play to their day. The excitement it brings for children to give a big "cheese" is so much fun! Teachers should also take pictures of the children on a digital camera and be able to immediately show the children the screen with the moment that was captured. Taking it one step more, teachers can print a few pictures out and display them on a board in the classroom. Children love being able to see themselves in action and it can spark plenty of language and back and forth conversations.

Visitors from outside are always an exciting experience for the children. Tying in your visitor with your current curriculum theme extends children's learning. Doc McStuffins came for a visit and showed the children all of her doctor tools. The children got to interact with this character and have some special music and movement time as well. This will get the children excited about learning more about tools in the doctors office later in the month.​

DSC_0882Washing baby dolls is a fun way to get the children to act out daily routines. They can use all different types of tools to wash the baby dolls in the water table and bubbles can be added. Tools available could be different kinds of washcloths and sponges as well as towels to dry their baby dolls off. The children enjoyed choosing which doll to bathe and using the water table in a new and inventive way. This keeps things exciting and makes the children want to come back to this learning area time and time again to see what new activity is available.​



Using spray bottles filled with water and napkins teach the children about tools that help with cleaning. Taking scenes from their every day life that they have seen acted out and then allowing them to try it out on their own makes children happy. They feel more grown up and provides a sense of control. Cleaning is always much more fun when you are a child! Why not let them help out!​



Adding a work bench with numerous pretend tools, nails, screws, and saws will give children even more of an opportunity to gain experiences with tools they have seen. Real tools could even be brought in with careful adult supervision during more teacher directed activities.



The children all got to use various tools and the following song can be used to the tune of "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush."

"This is the way we clean the floor,
Clean the floor, Clean the floor,
This is the way we clean the floor
When we're cleaning up."


Here we are allowing children to use different types of tools to find a hiddenIMG_0479 item. Underneath the orange sand, we put a piece of yellow construction paper. You could also use wrapping paper or if you had a deeper dish could use an actual toy for this activity. The children would use the tools to move away the sand and figure out what color was hidden underneath. The children enjoyed doing this activity again and again. Once they could see a big chunk of the paper, they would use the tools to cover the paper back up.


teacher_1988Miss Amanda is one of our Twos teachers from school #246 in Clayton, NC. She has an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education and Paralegal Technology. She is wrapping up her Bachelors Degree in Early Care and Education. Amanda has over 9 years of experience working with children. Knowing that she is helping wire young minds for the future and setting the foundation for learning is her biggest reward. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, cooking, and spending time with her family.


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