Polar Bear Winter Craft

By: Nicole Wheeler

The Holidays may be over but it's still winter and what better way to keep up the "winter theme" than with polar bears? We all love polar bears and this craft is fun and easy for the whole family!

Fun Fact: Did you know that polar bears have see-through fur? Read more on why their fur looks white and 7 other facts that you can share as you do this craft here.

Polar Bear Winter Craft

What you Need:

  • construction paper (black and white)Kids-Polar-Bear-Arctic-Craft
  • googly eyes or construction paper
  • glitter (white or silver)
  • white paper plates
  • glue
  • black marker
  • scissors
  • paint brush


What To Do:

1) Mix some Elmer’s glue and water together (3 parts glue, 1 part water). Have your child spread some of the glue mixture with a paint brush on the back part of the paper plate (not the part you use for eating).

2) Once the glue is spread, sprinkle some white and silver glitter over the plate so that it sticks to the glue.

3) Using the white construction paper, cut out some circles for the ears and an oval for the mouth. Using the black marker, draw the mouth on the white oval. Then with the black construction paper cut out a small circle for the nose.

4) Have your child glue down the black circle on the white oval and glue in the middle of the plate. Also, glue the eyes above the white oval and glue on the ears behind the plate.


This craft is sourced from ABCCreativeLearning.com



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