Live Creative Day!

By: Kate Quattlebaum


The rules say to color inside the lines, but what if you have other plans? What if you want to add more lines? What if you want to create a mood by coloring the background? What if you only want to color something that you drew?! Forget the rules! Don’t let old customs spoil your fun in life. Put your ideas into action, it’s Live Creative Day!

All of the awesome things invented by people are products of creativity. At one time, they were new and different. People had ridiculous reactions to them simply because they weren’t used to them. Did you know that a lot of people didn’t like the Eiffel Tower when it was new? Now it’s a famous symbol of France!

Sometimes, people are afraid to be creative because they’re afraid of being judged. Let people think what they want and try that thing you’ve been wanting to try for so long. Make blue mashed potatoes. Turn your garage into a private movie theater. Make musical instruments out of vegetables. Write a comic book! Today is a day to use your creativity and imagination; it’s a day to do something different!

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