Shake it Up Art

By: Symone Grady
This paint project is 100% mess free! Yes, such a thing exists. While this art project is mess free, kids enjoy it because they can shake, wiggle, and make noise too. 

Here's What you'll Need:

  • 1 Clean Empty Jar
  • Washable Paint (Neon paint is more dramatic!)
  • Dried Beans
  • White Card Stock 



  • Start by cutting your card stock into a small enough peice to fit in your jar. 
  • Carefully add a couple of drops of paint to the bottom of your jar.You may want to use three colors and just a small amount of each.
  • Drop a few handfuls of dried beans into your jar on top of the paint, wnough to cover the bottom.
  • Carefully put your paper inside the jar so that it wraps around the sides.
  • Close the lid tightly.
  • Now Shake It Up!
  • Let your child shake, roll, nad move the jar around.
  • When you're finished, carefully remove your painting. Pick off any beans that may be stuck to the paper and allow to dry. 

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Tags: art, paint