Snowflake Day!

By: Kate Quattlebaum

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Like your child, each snowflake is unique. According to Jon Nelson, a research scientist in Kyoto, Japan, no one is exactly sure why snowflakes develop as they do. He says that the old saying, “no two snowflakes are alike” most likely holds true for finished snowflakes, but not for snowflakes in their early stages of development.

He explains that before they’re flakes, they begin as six-sided crystals. It’s when the crystals begin to grow branches that they become increasingly special, much like how your child’s life experience will shape him or her.

A fun winter craft to do with your child is making paper snowflakes. If you’ve never made them before, it’s easy and fun. Start with a circular piece of paper or even a coffee filter and fold it evenly five times over. Cut shapes out of the folded paper and when you’re done, unfold to see your creation. Hang them from your ceiling to create your very own winter wonderland.

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